in conjuction with
Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall
and SACA

Nepal Appeal

A Devastating earthquake shook Nepal on the 25th April 2015, leaving over 5500 dead and thousands remain trapped under the rubble. They urgently need our help to continue the search and rescue attempt and to supply medical aid and food to the survivors.

World Sikh Aid has collected aid in the UK which is being shipped out to Nepal on a regular basis. They have setup a camp in Kathmandu where a kitchen is serving food and will be in operation for the next few months. World Sikh Aid emergency team stay standby to respond to these disasters.

£5 – Can provide a blanket
£35 – Can provide life-saving hygiene kits
£60 – Can provide families with water to drink
£100 – Can help build toilet and washing facilities for a family
£300 – Can provide a tent for a family
£1200 – Can provide supply food rations
£2500 – Can rebuild a home for a family

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